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Weberstown Mall

4950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 500, Stockton, CA 95207 | 209.477.0247

Weberstown Mall is the premier shopping center in the San Joaquin Valley. It features four anchors and a lineup of popular specialty retailers. Weberstown Mall is located at Stockton’s busiest intersection. It is approximately one mile east of I-5, three miles west of State Route 99, and less than one mile from the University of the Pacific and Delta College.

  • 519,200 Trade Area Population
  • $70,200 Average Household Income
  • 855,800 Square Feet

Key Retailers

Major Stores & Restaurants

Trade/Market Area

Surrounded by Pacific Avenue (nearly 33,000 vehicles per day), March Lane (34,500 vehicles per day) and Yokuts Avenue (8,600 vehicles per day), Weberstown Mall is located at one of Stockton’s busiest intersections.

Stockton is located in San Joaquin County in the heart of California’s Central Valley. It is just 60 miles from the San Francisco Bay Area and 45 miles from Sacramento, the state capital. It is the government seat for the county and home to the Port of Stockton, a deepwater channel port and an international import/export hub for distribution, manufacturing and transport facilities.

Major employers include San Joaquin County, Stockton Unified School District, St. Joseph’s Regional Health System, Lodi Unified School District, Diamond Walnut, Kaiser Permanente and Pacific Gas & Electric.


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